Blacksmith courses 2023 — blacksmith summer school

Production of blacksmith tongs and manufacture of blades, year 2023

In the summer of 2023 we organize another summer forging school for public. It is weekend course of blacksmith techniques, designed for those interested in this traditional craft. Our goal is not only to give candidates examples of blacksmith craft, but also enable them to experience the blacksmith craft themselves and pass onto them some of our knowledge and skills. Apart from craftsman demonstartions and theory, an important part of the course is individual work under the supervision of an experienced blacksmith. At the bottom of this page you can see pictures of the first year beginner's course.

Courses are divided into several levels, the beginner's course and courses for advanced students.

Úvodní kurz = č.1 is aimed at very beginners, no prior knowledge or skills of the participants is expected. The theme of this introductory course for beginners is the production of blacksmith tongs. The basic idea of ​​this course is,  that the blacksmith must be able to make his/her own tools. Every good blacksmith needs good hands, and blacksmith's tongs are blacksmith's extended hand.

Kurz pro pokročilé = č.2 is aimed at participants of the beginners course, who wish to broaden their knowledge. The theme of the course is forging of celtic knife and its hardening. Those interested can also try to produce metal file, that was used by Celts to refine their products . In this course you will learn to produce some tools and in addition to that you will bring your Celtic knife home.

Další kurz pro pokročilé = č. 3 follows the idea of ​​forging self-sufficiency. So the blacksmith knows how to start a fire and, vyrobí si v pátek křesadlo. V sobotu se již učíme svařovat v ohni, komu to jde pokusí se o výrobu sendvičové čepele, což je první příprava na damascénskou ocel.

Workshopy dále pokračují na témata, na kterých se domluvíme v kovárně, či posléze mailem.

It is possible to organize an advanced course on a different topic. We invite you to , email us at this address kurfromy@kreps.(c)z with your ideas, co by vás na kurzu nejvíce zajímalo a jaký druh workshopu by jste preferovali. Topics and ideas for courses can be discussed on the chat forum Kapacita každého workshopu je deset osob.


The beginning of each course is on Friday at 16:00h, starting work at 17:00 h. Those who cannot arrive at 16:00 h, může samozřejmě začít s prací později. Pracovat lze až do 21:00 h. The course continues for the whole Saturday and on Sunday until 14:00 hod.



Termíny budeme vypisovat podle koronavirové situace. We will be regularly adding more courses.. If you're interested in holidays or dates in autumn, check this page out later. Ke komunikaci používejte

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The price of each course is 3000 CZK. Blacksmith course can be purchased as a gift, For example, for Christmas, birthdays, and so on. We will send you the gift voucher upopn request.

Accommodation na kurzu je ve stanech, či v autech účastníků, in the field behind the forgery.

You can sign up for a course by email at kurfromy@kreps.(c)z. We will also gladly answer any questions and details on these courses , that you might be interested in.

Karel Kreps

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